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Redbarn Large Elk Antler

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Dog’s love bones, but they go crazy for Antlers! As a sustainable alternative to traditional bones and rawhide treats, these all-natural chews are durable enough for power chewers without slacking on flavor. Our naturally shed Antlers come in two varieties— Deer and Elk. Dog's love the tasty exposed marrow abundant in calcium, zinc, and iron. We only source wild antlers, which grow at a slow and natural rate, eliminating odor and mold without the use of chemicals. As a single-ingredient chew, Antlers are odor-free and mess-free, helping to keep your dog and your furniture happy. Each munch promotes Dental health, preventing plaque by gently scraping away at tartar buildup.

Need help deciding between deer or elk? Visually, it can be hard to tell the difference. Whole Deer Antlers have a denser outer core than Elk Antlers, though, making them the most durable option!


  • Single Ingredient Chew
  • All-Natural and Sustainably Sourced
  • Exceptionally Durable Chew for Power Chewers
  • Helps SupportDental Health
  • Mess-Free and Odor-Free
  • Available Whole or Half



Elk Antler.


PLEASE NOTE: Antler size / shape may vary slightly.


Monitor your pet while feeding natural treats. This is a consumable, fully digestible treat however, intestinal blockage may occur if ingested in large pieces. Always provide a fresh supply of drinking water for your pet. Feed as a treat





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