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  • Safari Shedding Blade

    Safari Shedding Blade

    Keep your dog's coat clean and healthy with the Safari® Dual-Sided Dog Shedding Blade! The ridged stainless steel blade efficiently removes loose hair to keep your dog and home clean. It's easy to use: Simply stroke from head to tail and watch the...

  • Safari Double Row Rake

    Safari Double Row Rake

    Prevent your dog's undercoat from matting with the Safari® Dog Single or Double Row Undercoat Rakes! The single row undercoat rake keeps long-haired dogs' coats healthy and beautiful with precision tapered pins that penetrate deeply into the coat...

  • Safari Styptic Powder 0.5oz

    Safari Styptic Powder 0.5oz

    Don't panic when you see blood, use Safari® Pet Styptic Powder! Whether you accidentally trimmed a nail too closely or find a minor cut on your dog, you can use this powder to quickly stop bleeding. Simply apply the powder to the affected area with a...

  • Safari Soft Slicker Brush

    Safari Soft Slicker Brush

    Featuring stainless steel pins, our Safari Dog Soft Slicker Brush gently removes mats, tangles and loose hair. With regular use, these high-quality slicker brushes will also reduce shedding for a healthy coat and home. The non-slip grip makes grooming...

  • Safari Wire Pin Brush

    Safari Wire Pin Brush

    The Safari® Pin Brush is excellent for general grooming of small to large dog breeds. This Pin Brush helps to lift out loose hair and debris. Brushing distributes natural oils, leaving a shiny, healthy coat. If the coat tends to be heavily matted, a...

  • Safari Combo Brush LG

    Safari Combo Brush LG

    The dual purpose Safari Pin and Bristle Combo Dog Brush features the benefits of both wire pins to lift out loose hair and debris and bristles to distribute the dog's natural oils throughout the coat. For coats with mats or tangles, use a comb or rake to...

  • Safari Bristle Brush Safari Bristle Brush

    Safari Bristle Brush

    The Safari Bristle Dog Brush is designed to clean and shine your dog's coat. For short coats, use small, quick strokes, angling the dog brush to remove dirt and debris from the dog's hair. To distribute natural oils and add shine, use long flowing...

7 of 7 Items