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Friends of Phineas

Helping Feed Pets In Need!

Friends of Phineas is helping to bridge the gap locally by providing pet food for dogs and cats in our community.  Sometimes life circumstances happen and make it difficult for pet owners to provide meals for their pets.  Job layoffs and health issues are just a couple of reasons that can make feeding pets an economic hardship.   Often when people are faced with hardships they may decide finacially they just can't continue to feed their pet and might end up placing them with a shelter or resuce.  What if there was an option?  That is where Friends of Phineas can help!  We are a resource for helping to keep pets in their homes instead of the alternative.  

Our goal is to provide pet food to dogs and cats in need in Clark County and this is only possible by generous donations of dog and cat food.  We request the food donations be unopened kibble free from ingredients such as; wheat, corn and soy.  These ingredients are know to allergens for some pets, so we want to ensure not to add to any health issues for the pets we are trying to help.

To help support Friends of Phineas please consider donating the following:

  • Unopened bags of dog & cat food free from corn, wheat or soy
  • Zip-lock bags - sandwich & quart sized
  • Gently used leashes & collars

Please drop off donated items at:

Woodin' You Pampered Paws

13305 NE Hwy 99 #102

Vancouver, WA  98686

To date, Friends of Phineas, has served over 3567 pounds of food to local recipients!


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